Strategy Tester Report
FXOpen-Real1 (Build 1260)

SymbolUSDJPY (US Dollar vs Japanese Yen)
Period1 Hour (H1) 2017.01.02 00:05 - 2020.03.31 23:59 (2017.01.01 - 2020.04.01)
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
Bars in test1206449Ticks modelled4395822Modelling quality90.00%
Mismatched charts errors0
Initial deposit5000.00SpreadCurrent (2)
Total net profit45060.95Gross profit106730.31Gross loss-61669.36
Profit factor1.73Expected payoff53.01
Absolute drawdown978.17Maximal drawdown8162.30 (25.99%)Relative drawdown31.33% (7564.75)
Total trades850Short positions (won %)417 (64.99%)Long positions (won %)433 (65.82%)
Profit trades (% of total)556 (65.41%)Loss trades (% of total)294 (34.59%)
Largestprofit trade4043.25loss trade-2685.54
Averageprofit trade191.96loss trade-209.76
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)18 (2567.90)consecutive losses (loss in money)3 (-3664.67)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)4515.56 (6)consecutive loss (count of losses)-3664.67 (3)
Averageconsecutive wins3consecutive losses1
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